Valeria Von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett (Hollywood VIP Fashion Designer Expert) SPEAKS! #intothePODlight with award-winning radio program host and PRodcaster for SPEAK! #intothePODlight, Tracey Bond #007wINterview

Valeria Von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett (Hollywood Celebrity Fashion Designer Expert & Personality) SPEAKS! #intothePODlight (@intothePODlight)
– A 2016 Fashion Consciousness Convo with a focus on Valeria’s Fashion Consciousness Magazine’s PINK ISSUE. Always delightful to experience her fresh insights season after season. Listen in to these good friends brought to you by Agent Tracey Bond (007) Award-winning Radio Host and POD (s) for SPEAK #intothePODlight @intothePODlight |


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“There is a new age metaphysical aspect of color… which I wrote about it in (Valeria Rovalution Living Life consciously) there is no domination of the colors…because every day is so multi-diverse and changes every second. Your aura even changes every 5 seconds…there is no frequency that is stagnant in everything…everyone pulsates energy…temperature…a rainbow of colors.” – Valeria Von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett, Fashion Conscious Magazine! …as shared on SPEAK! #intothePODlight (@intothePODlight)

SPEAK! #intothePODlight PRodcast #007Winterview featuring guest and friend- Hollywood Fashion Designer, Fashion Consciousness Expert, and Mag Publisher- Valeria Von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett on the #PinkIssue #        Valeria Von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett's Fashion Consciousness Magazine #PINKISSUE #007WINTERVIEW on SPEAK! #intothePODlight

About Valeria: As the visionary and leader behind Valeria ROVALUTION company as well as the award-winning Fashion/ Costume Designer, Celebrity Image Stylist, Book Author and Magazine Publisher, Radio and TV Host, an Educator, Speaker and Humanitarian, Valeria has influenced and inspired thousands of people to live their lives consciously. Her accomplishments as a new age fashion and lifestyle leader and humanitarian have established her as one of the well-respected and admired public figures in United States and Europe. Connect on Facebook at:


Valeria A. J. von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett is a descendant of one of the oldest Polish royal family house Niesobia, a two-greats-granddaughter of the Polish royal nobility Baron Faust Jan von Leczycki of Grand Duchy of Lithuania/ Duke of Leczyca during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth period (Duchy of Leczyca, later Łęczyckie Voivodship). Valeria is also a maternal descendant of the old Polish-Russian hereditary noble family Jakubowiczi and the paternal descendant of the famous Russian aristocratic dynasty of Goncharovi (related to Natalya Nikolaevna Goncharova, the wife of the greatest Russian poets of the 19th century, Aleksandr Pushkin).
In the U.S., Valeria is known as a celebrity fashion/ costume expert and image consultant, creative art director, holistic life coach, mentor and arts educator.

In spring of 2013, Valeria released her first book “Valeria ROVALUTION: Living Life Consciously” (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online stores and in 30 other countries worldwide). In spring of 2015, she launched her first quarterly magazine “FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS” and in fall of 2015 she is planning to release her second book.

Валерия A. Я. фон Лечицкая Гончарова Барретт — потомок древне-польской королевской династии Нешобя, дважды-правнучка польского Барона Фауста Ионна фон Лечицкого Великого Княжества Литовского/ Князя Лечицы Речи Посполиты. Валерия также является потомком древнего польско-русского столбового дворянского рода Якубовичи по материнской линии. По отцовской линии, потомок знаменитой русской аристократической династии Гончаровых и родственница аристократической красавицы Натальи Николаевны Гончаровой (жена величайшего русского поэта XIX века, Александра Пушкина).
В США, Валерия известна как заслуженный дизайнер по костюмам и модельер-кутюрье, селебрити-стилист и имидж-мэйкер, креативный и художественные директор моды, радио и ТВ ведущяя, автор, педагог изобразительного искусства и владельц компании Valeria ROVALUTION. Весной 2013 года, вышла первая книга Валерии написанная на английском языке “Valeria ROVALUTION: Living Life Consciousy” которую можно приобрести на сайтах Интернет-магазинов США Amazon.сom и Барнс и Нобл, а также в 30-ти других странах мира. В 2015-2017 годах планируется выпуск двух новых книг Валерии.

В 2015 году, Валерия запустила новый проект. Её первый журнал “FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS (Сознание Моды)” вышел этой весной. Журнал планируется издаваться квартально на английском языке в США, и его можно теперь приобрести на интернете.

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